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Free "TRU Tools" iPhone App: TRUMATCH® 4-color Index + Paper M-Wgt. Calculator

TRUMATCH, the easy, accurate 4-color matching system in Adobe, Corel, Quark software for graphic design, has a free iPhone App with useful tools to specify your colors and estimate paper needs for your jobs.

TRUMATCH 4-Color Index

A ready reference for TRUMATCH colors, where you can see the logic of the TRUMATCH numbering system, which relates to the amount of Hue/Saturation/Brightness. The index identifies the CMYK breaks of all TRUMATCH colors (over 2,000 colors plus 4-color greys). Note: you will see an RGB representation of printed CMYK on the iPhone, but for accurate 4-color matching, you must reference a printed TRUMATCH Colorfinder fanbook.

Use these dials to enter the TRUMATCH Numbers:

  • Dial #1 scrolls through the 50 4-color hues.
  • Dial #2 scrolls though the 8 saturation steps maintaining perfect proportions of process colors, digitally rounded to 1% increments of YMCK.
  • Dial #3 scrolls through the 7 shades of black in 6% increments.

Download on iTunes

Screenshot of the TRUMatch 4-Color Index App available through iTunes

Paper M-Weight Calculators

Automatic calculators for both text and cover weight paper stock. Just enter the Basis Weight plus the size of the sheet, and the M-Wgt. (weight of 1000 sheets) is displayed. Includes an automatic metric converter for both Basis Wgt. and
M-Wgt. Useful for commercial printers, print production managers, paper merchants, and graphic designers for estimating print jobs.

  • Automatically calculates the weight of 1000 sheets for your job.

Download on iTunes

Screenshot of the TRUMatch Paper M-Weight Calculator App available through iTunes